*small town, big hell?

…at 3.7 square miles—1.3 of which is water—Miami Shores is a very small town.  according to Wikepedia and a ten-year-old census, there are 3,631 households; and according to our appraisal, a mere 2% of the “village” is commercial.  all this boils down to one thing:  when  you stand on your sidewalk to contemplate your house’s potential, everyone notices—including the Building Department. 
as we quickly learned, everything requires a permit.  ok, almost everything.  so, after countless visits to City Hall, getting to know everyone by name, having them say “hi leslie!” while they type in our address from memory, and a few more gray hairs (attributed for the most part to the mechanical permit), we have all our permits!!!

...bothered by the unreliable data listed above, I’m tempted to test the accuracy of the available GIS data.  but that would be a bit psycho wouldn’t it?  a tad perhaps.  but then again, who reads the city’s zoning code before buying a house? ummm…

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