…a few weekends ago our dear friend, current neighbor, and furniture expert, Mike Guarino came by to lend us a hand.  we painted, had a few beers, laughed, and laid out our (non-existent) dining room table.  and today, he leaves sunny South Florida for the windy streets of Chicago.  although we are sad to see him go and will miss him greatly, we are excited that he has finally set out in this new adventure.  did you happen to catch that I mentioned that Mike is a furniture expert?  he is!  and he is opening a great new furniture store in Chicago’s Lincoln Park.  as he says, Nest Furniture will offer exotic furniture from faraway lands and unique accessories from around the world.  check it out! 

…Mike convinced me that my dream of having a 12—or even 8—person dining table would have to be put on hold.  we’ll have to settle for 6; but those 6 people will eat comfortably with plenty of room.  looking forward to having you over for dinner!

  ...toasting on the non-existing table with empty plastic wine glasses from our picnic basket

…we wish Mike and Nest Furniture all the best!

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