…much like our roof, our air conditioning system was nearing the end of its life expectancy.  although the unit was cooling, at 18 years old, we expected it to stop at any moment.  well, the bucket under the condensing unit was not exactly an indication of adequacy and efficiency.  the ducts were filthy, missing insulation, and the one in the second bedroom was actually completely disconnected from the diffuser.  between this and the attic vents which were never sealed, the attic must have been a pretty breezy place.

…so, we also needed a new air conditioning system. check out our old one:

…getting a completely new system involved a few things:

·   installing new energy efficient compressor and air handling unit;
·   relocating drain (previous drain was running through the master bedroom closets and exiting towards the rear)
·   replacing all the duct work;
·   installing new vents in the bathrooms;
·   installing new returns for the rooms which were until now returning under the doors;
·   expanding the A/C closet (originally a linen closet) by a few inches to fit the new unit; and
·   changing the closet door to a full louvered “plantation” door to improve air flow… and looks ;)

…and at 95% percent complete, here is the new system:


  1. you got a home inspection before you bought it right? or was it an as is short sale or something?

    we are anonymous, we never forgive and we never forget.

  2. Hi Anonymous! we had a home inspection. we knew what we were getting into, but thought it was worth it.