...as we suspected and our pre-purchase home inspection positively confirmed, our roof’s life is rapidly coming to an end. 

permits on record show that:

·   the main roof (hip) is at least 34 years old, although portions of it may be older;
·   according to the 1977 permit the tile color was white, although it’s current state will neither confirm nor deny that.  the color is now absolutely undetectable;
·   the flat portion (garage) was redone in 2000; and
·   there were endless fixes and patches over the years—although, considering the array of tile colors and sizes that currently exist (whatever was on sale at the time we presume) and the bucket of roof paint in the garage, many of those were not permitted.

and our eyes told us that:

·   the endless fixing and patching did not succeeded at deterring leaks which caused extensive sheathing damage (particularly at the hip-flat joint) and minor drywall damage;
·   there is fascia and soffit damage caused by time, water, and termites;
·   the screen attic vents are long passed their life expectancy;
·   the soffit in our porch needs to be completely replaced; and
·   judging from the droppings and nests in our attic, we have tenants!

we also found out that the previous owner had an outstanding fine from the city for not pressure cleaning the roof. 

all of the above = we need a new roof!


  1. I suppose you guys have a new roof by now. Just an FYI about roof's lifespan: asphalt shingle roofs have an 18 to 30 years, wood shakes are around 14 -20 and slate, clay, tile and steel roofs can last up to 50 years or more when installed correctly.
    Pleasance  Faast

  2. We do. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck with your house!