…we’ve always loved Turfblock... yes, they are messy, high maintenance, and spotty (as in grass grows inexplicably in some “holes” and not others). nevertheless, for two years, every time we spoke about redoing the driveway, we spoke about Turfblock. however, when the time actually came, doubt started setting in. we were not sure we could deal with the maintenance and inconsistency. knowing we wanted a permeable option, my dear friend Jose—who I met my first day of architecture school, now many moons ago—owner of BrickPaver Group, suggested we use Rima pavers. Rima is an interlocking paver system that offers two installation options; “nub to block” which creates a seamless surface still allowing for percolation or “nub to nub” for a larger gap and increased permeability.
Photos courtesy of: www.sislersstone.com and www.tremron.com
the Turfblock allows for sod growth, increasing the green area of the yard; while the Rima offers lower maintenance and cleaner lines. we loved the aesthetics and functionality of both systems, so it was not an easy decision…

thankfully, making a decision on the walkway, was easier. we narrowed it down to two options [also illustrated above]; 24” x 24” precast concrete pavers or larger 24” x 48” poured-in-place “pavers.”

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