…it’s been a while since we showed the back yard some love; and even though it still needs a lot of work, adding a little green is always a step in the right direction. as with every other wall in the house, we had three or four possible options for the rear wall of the garage; until we came across these awesome chalkboard wall planters and holder brackets from West Elm. we fell in love with these instantly. we liked the idea of creating a random pattern, so we used painters tape in different sizes, representing the various sized pots, to arrange the pattern on the wall.  

…even though we stalked three West Elm stores—and even had a very helpful sales person remove the pots and holder brackets off the store display installation, so we could buy them—we were short four small pots. knowing Rust-Oleum makes chalkboard spray paint, we thought we could create our own version for the small pots. we were right, you can’t tell the difference.

…loved adding succulents and herbs to our wall.


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